Many people have built these props, but the instructions available up till now,  I thought, have always been a tad vague. They always left a bit too much out, just enough of course to leave you wondering whether or not you were building it correctly.   I am here to change that by posting some pretty basic step by step instructions with  pictures for nearly every step. I hope they help you to build these wonderful props that will make you the talk of your neighborhood on Halloween night.

NOTE:  My intension was to include instructions for my 20+ props here on this page. Unfortunately, I do not have time to create and post high quality, step by step instructions for my other props.  Since I refuse to put up half-baked instructions like some other sites, these 3 sets of instructions will be all that I post, until such time that I am able to create and add the others. I can tell you now that this will not happen anytime soon because I am swamped with plans for a very large scale Haunted House, among many other things.

Sorry and thanks.



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